SMART Notebook app for iPad!

The long-anticipated SMART Notebook for iPad app is out!  An overview and analysis, in addition to pricing information, can be found below:

The interface of the app is very similar to that of Notebook software. As a landscape-only application, the Page Sorter lines the left-hand side of the screen.  Students can scroll and view the Notebook file and select a new active page from the Page Sorter.

Each page also has a toolbar located at the bottom of the page. Students can use the Select, Pen, Eraser, and Text tools so common in Notebook software. They can also insert a photo from the iPad camera roll or take an impromptu picture and add it to a page using the Insert Photo icon in the toolbar.

Icons for adding and deleting pages, undoing and redoing page actions, and moving to the next and previous pages round out the icons available on the screen. Files can be “saved” by leaving a file and returning to the app home page via the SMART Notebook Content button. Students also have the option of emailing their file using the share button in the top right of the screen.

Working with Files
The user has the capability of creating a new Notebook file from scratch or opening, editing, and interacting with a saved file. To create a new file, students will simply select the “Create File” option on the app home screen. To interact with a file already saved on the iPad, they simply select that file from the home screen.

Importing Files
Notebook files can be imported into the app via email, Dropbox, the SMART Exchange website, Google Drive, or iTunes. Each medium has a unique process for importation, so be sure to practice the mechanics before using it to share files with students.

Editing Objects
Students can still move, resize and rotate all unlocked objects on the page. So, be sure to unlock the objects you want students to manipulate when you share a Notebook file with them! Students will select objects by choosing the Select icon in their toolbar.

Sound can also be added by students to Gallery objects that were pre-loaded in shared Notebook files. Students simply select the object, choose Add Sound from the Context Menu that appears, and record their voice(s) using the iPad microphone. The sound of any object can be changed or removed.

Remember, the Gallery does not come with the Notebook app. Thus, students will only be able to manipulate Gallery items that were preloaded and shared with them from the teacher and will not be able to add them themselves.  Additionally, the Marquee Select option is not available in this version of the Notebook app.

Using the Tools
Students will, however, be able to write, erase, and type onto a new or shared Notebook file. The pen icon comes with six default pen options. To view and choose these different options, simply press and hold the pen icon to open the popover menu. The eraser comes with three default options, and these can also be viewed and selected by pressing and holding its icon.

To type text, students will press the text icon and select the area of the page that they wish a text box to appear. Tapping inside the text box will bring up the iPad keyboard. A properties button will appear on the top right of the screen when the textbox is selected and also while typing. Students will have the option of changing the font size, color, and style of text in addition to traditional formatting options and alignment.

Sharing Files and Work
Students are able to share their work with their teacher via email by pressing the “share” button in the top right portion of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear giving students the option to email the current file, which will save the active file and attach it to an email automatically.

Students can also share their iPad screen and work with the whole class by using AirPlay on the iPad and an Apple TV device on the same wireless network. Therefore, anything a student does on his/her iPad can appear on the other AirPlay-enabled device. So, if you connect AppleTV to your projector via an HDMI cord, students will have the ability to display their work on your SMART Board!

This light version of Notebook will allow for greater differentiation and personalization in the classroom. Students will be able to use this app to interact with teacher-made student files, in addition to creating and sharing unique files to demonstrate content mastery. The SMART Notebook app for iPad adds to the collaborative nature of Notebook software, while taking advantage of the instructional value of other technology products when used with SMART products.

SMART Notebook app for iPad is sold through the Apple app store for USD $6.99 and CAN $6.99.  

Schools in the United States are eligible for a 50% discounted price on volume licenses (20 or more) by joining the Apple Store Volume Purchasing for Education program.


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