Updates to the SMART Notebook App for iPad

After releasing the first iteration of the Notebook App for iPad in early September, SMART has released an update to the application aimed at improving functionality and compatibility.

Hello, Lesson Activity Functionality!
Say goodbye to error messages and objects not showing up. The most notable by-product of this update is complete functionality in the app for objects and activities created in Notebook software. ALL objects and images on pages in the Notebook file you share with students will now be available and active when opened in the app. You will also be able to share activities from the activity builder with students! (see screenshot below)

iPad Screenshot 5(source: SMART Notebook app for iPad iTunes Preview)

Additional functionality includes double-tapping or tapping and holding any object to lock and unlock an object or change the order of an object.

More Contextual Tool Controls
Notebook for iPad users will notice improved line and pen properties. The line and pen tools now both sport 15 different color choices and thickness dials. (see screenshot below)

iPad Screenshot 1
(source: SMART Notebook app for iPad iTunes Preview)

Operating System Compatibility
The Notebook app now supports both iOS 5 and iOS 6 iPad operating systems.

Altogether, this is a fantastic update by SMART and supports its “ease of use” product mantra. Teachers will now be able to more effectively create lesson activities for students and student groups that can easily be  carried out on the iPad device. Go to the App Store on your iPad(s) and update your SMART Notebook App for iPad today!


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