SMART Notebook 11 Gallery Update

The SMART Notebook 11 Gallery has gotten a facelift! As a result, there are some new and exciting changes to the Gallery tab that will improve your experience and efficiency while using SMART Notebook 11 software.

Gallery Essentials and Lesson Activities Toolkit 2.0 Folders Unchanged
Your locations for finding images, objects, and template pages are the same!

The Lesson Activity Examples Folder Replaces the Gallery Folder
This new folder has a number of fantastic resources:

1.  Activity Builder SubFolder
This area has a number of pre-made Activity Builder activity pages sorted by type (ex. Ordering, Fill in the Blank, etc.) that are lesson-ready! You can also edit these activities by unlocking the objects on the page and using the Add-On tab to re-establish object relationships.
12-6-12 NB11 Gallery Update Screenshot 1

2.  Interactive Techniques SubFolder
This area has a number of interactive technique templates, including click to reveal, color to reveal, and move to reveal. Each page has details regarding the purpose and intent of each interactive technique. An additional benefit is a “watch tutorial” icon in the top right-hand corner of each page, where users can see how the interactive technique is created and used with simple Notebook features!
12-6-12 NB11 Gallery Update Screenshot 2

3.  3D Objects SubFolder
This area contains all of the 3D objects that were originally in the Notebook 11 Gallery Sampler. The new location is helpful, and makes finding these pre-loaded objects quicker and easier!

The Google 3D WebChannel is Updated
At the bottom of the new Gallery Tab is a clickable link for the Google 3D Warehouse. Traditionally, this folder has just opened up a link to the warehouse. Now, the folder has direct links to both the Google 3D Warehouse and SMART Exchange Website’s 3D content. An added bonus is an instructions area that provides detailed support for how to download and insert 3D content on to a Notebook page.
12-6-12 NB11 Gallery Update Screenshot 3

All-in-all, some fantastic updates to the SMART Notebook 11 Gallery! If you’d like to update your gallery tab, go to this website and download and install the latest release of the SMART Education Software Installer 2012. This download/install will also include a number of SMART product updates, like Service Pack 1 and SMART Ink 1.1, that you may not have yet and definitely need.



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