Do you have SMART Notebook Service Pack 1?

Depending on when you upgraded to Notebook 11, you may not be reaping the benefits of SMART Notebook Service Pack 1. The main highlights are listed below:

Faster and Better Notebook 11
Service Pack 1 improves the performance and stability of Notebook 11 software and makes it work faster and more smoothly.

SMART Response Updates
Users can now use the same Assessment ID for single and multiple assessments when using Response VE. This update will save both you and your students time during assessments!

SMART Response and Eduphoria
Response VE is now supported by the SMART Response connector for Eduphoria!

More Operating System Support
This update improves Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) functionality and provides beginning Windows 8 operating system compatibility. Note: SMART Notebook will fully support Windows 8 sometime in Spring 2013.

SMART Ink Improvements
SMART Ink is now more intuitive to use than ever before! You can now annotate and interact with web pages and other software applications, like Microsoft Office, smoothly and efficiently. You can also set customized settings for SMART Ink to automatically start at login or completely disable. Gestures, including double-tap and two-tap, enable navigation between slides in Microsoft PowerPoint Presenter Mode in Slide Show mode.

Want to download Service Pack 1?
1) Go to the SMART Notebook Education Software Installer page here: SMART Notebook 11 Education Software Installer.
2) Scroll down to the bottom half of the page and select the tab “Download Service Pack 1 for the Education Software Installer 2012”
3) Select the blue “Download” button
4) Follow the prompts for completing the download and installation.
5) Enjoy!


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