SeedPD Blog Feature: SMART Exchange File of the Week!

To add more teacher content to our site, the SeedPD Blog is sharing one teacher-created SMART Exchange file every Friday. All files shared will be Common Core relevant, and we’ll be sure to share with you the standard(s) being addressed.

This entry is a file entitled “Personification”. In this well-structured Notebook file, students will learn about personification and draw connections between the concept and the world around them. With a number of individual and group activities, this lesson does a great job of allowing students to construct their knowledge and use their own experiences in the learning environment! There is also a reading comprehension activity, where students are able to apply the concept to literature that they’re reading. If you are an English teacher who is looking for a new approach to teaching personification in your classroom, give this file a try!

2-8-13 File of the Week Screenshot 1  2-8-13 File of the Week Screenshot 22-8-13 File of the Week Screenshot 32-8-13 File of the Week Screenshot 4  2-8-13 File of the Week Screenshot 5

Common Core Standards Addressed: LA.9-10.L, LA.9-10, LA.9-10.L.CCR.5, LA.9-10.L.9-10.5, LA.9-10.L.9-10.5.a,
Direct Link to Presentation File
Number of Downloads: 3,868
Created by: Kristina Deason, Summerville High School (South Carolina)

Check back in with us next Friday to learn about another great Common Core file!


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