What are students saying about SMART’s new products?

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New SMART product announcements excite the student and educator in me!

Our student blogger Emily Sparago is back!

Emily Sparago is a freshman at Cheshire High School in Cheshire, Connecticut, with a passion for teaching and technology.  An aspiring teacher, Emily supports the learning needs of her nephew with Angelman’s Syndrome and has guest taught at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut.  It is a pleasure to host Emily as a guest blogger and hear her thoughts about technology in education. Below you’ll find Emily’s product reviews in her own words (as both a student and future educator) of the new SMART Table 442i collaborative learning center andSMART Document Camera 450. 

SMART Table 442i collaborative learning center

As a student: This product would be amazing in the classroom—especially for the kinesthetic learners!  I would also love to see the special needs students incorporated in the lessons.  This table would be great for my nephew, who as Angelman’s Syndrome (which I wrote a blog post about here).  Since his fine motor skills are lacking, this would help him improve them.  He’d have a huge touch screen to work on choosing buttons precisely and finitely.  To walk into my classroom and see this amazing learning tool in the center, would allow my learning skills, as well as many others in the class, to be enhanced.

As a future educator: I always picture myself, standing in front of the classroom, preferably displaying my lesson on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.  However, if I were to have the opportunity to also incorporate the SMART Table into my lesson, I could use a vast number of new ideas and ways to improve my lesson.  The students could crowd around the table and all eagerly learn – which brings up a great feature of the SMART Table:  multi-touch.  What really makes this table an ideal learning tool, is that students would beeager to learn. Students now-a-days need this interaction, since their whole life is based on the newest technology and innovations.  Incorporating these aspects into the classroom, I feel, could bring much better results – and the SMART Table would impact that greatly.

SMART Document Camera 450

As a student: My teachers have document cameras, but nothing that could compare to SMART’s.  I often find them hardly used.  However, the SMART Document Camera has so many great features that could be helpful in the classroom.  This camera records both audio and video; with the collaboration of this tool and the video recorder feature on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, this could benefit my class and me as students, as well as the teacher.  For example, if the teacher has planned an absence, she could use the collaboration of these two features to create a digital lesson for the students that the substitute could play for the class.  This would be very beneficial because I find that days with substitutes are usually review days, but with the use of this feature, we can do so much more!

As a future educator: Science experiments!  Don’t leave out that short student in the back.

(Sometimes me :) )!

I would showcase the science experiment onto the SMART Board interactive whiteboard with the SMART Document Camera, utilizing the “gooseneck” feature to show all angles.

I remember, when I was in third grade, my teacher’s daughter was in a different country, and sometimes we would video conference with her, displaying her on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, and my teacher would keep the webcam somewhere on her desk.  However, the SMART Document Camera also doubles as a webcam!  This would be extremely convenient if I were to be interested in video conferencing…maybe even with pen pals!

About Emily Sparago

Emily Sparago is a freshman at Cheshire High School in Cheshire, Connecticut, with a passion for teaching and technology.  Sparago has wanted to be a teacher since she was five years old. Her first experience using a SMART Board was in third-grade and it was love at first sight for Emily.  Ever since then, she’s been researching SMART Boards and secretly craving one.  It was three years ago when Sparago brought it to her parents’ attention that she wanted her own SMART Board.

After raising the money, she reached her goal and purchased a SMART Board.  Word quickly got out, not only about Emily’s SMART Board, but also her love of teaching.  Since then, she has had the opportunity to be a guest teacher at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut on a few different occasions and she hopes to teach more in the future.


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