SeedPD Blog Feature: SMART Exchange File of the Week!

To add more teacher content to our site, the SeedPD Blog is sharing one teacher-created SMART Exchange file every Friday. All files shared will be Common Core relevant, and we’ll be sure to share with you the standard(s) being addressed.

This entry is a file entitled “Operations & Polynomials Using Algebra Tiles”.  As a former high school math teacher, I know how hard it can be to teach students about polynomial operations. Thus, I highly recommend this file to all Algebra teachers out there looking for a new approach! This file will walk students through the construction of polynomial expressions, and allow them to use Algebra tiles to gain understanding on the concept. Filled with individual and group formative assessments, this file should be a great resource for you as you take on this topic. There are even worksheets built into the file!

3-1-13 File of the Week Screenshot 1 3-1-13 File of the Week Screenshot 2 3-1-13 File of the Week Screenshot 3

3-1-13 File of the Week Screenshot 4

Common Core Standards Addressed: MA.9-12.A-SSE, MA.9-12, MA.9-12.A-SSE.2,

Direct Link to Presentation File
Number of Downloads: 1,301
Created by: cDubs

Check back in with us next Friday to learn about another great Common Core file!


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