How SMART Bridgit Software Can Improve Classroom Collaboration

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Bridgit Software Amplifies Quality Teaching in Cumberland County Schools

Vernon Aldridge is the principal of Gray’s Creek High School in Cumberland County Schools, North Carolina. Like many principals, he needs to balance Exceptional Children (EC) teaching certifications with provisions for core subject matter expertise. He purchased Bridgit conferencing software to help juggle the skills of his talented teachers and better support students.

Learning challenge

“We were trying to meet new federal laws requiring that we must have a certified EC teacher in an exceptional child’s class as well as a teacher that is highly qualified in the subject area,” Vernon says. “There are very few EC teachers that are also math-certified. We decided to use Bridgit to help us be in compliance with these new laws.”

Gray’s Creek High School employs an EC teacher in a classroom of between four and six students. The Algebra I and Geometry teacher in another classroom leads learning for 20-25 students. The math teacher provides instruction in math class and the EC students benefit from this math expertise over Bridgit in the other class. The EC teacher provides necessary in-person support for the students to be successful during class. “If we did not have Bridgit, these students would be in the regular education classes which are much larger. The EC students in larger classes do not receive the individual attention that they need to be successful. These students would be less likely to participate and ask questions in class.” Vernon and his teachers have found that the students in the smaller setting are more successful and more eager to participate in learning activities.

 The a-ha moment

“My a-ha moment was the first time I went in to observe the EC class that was utilizing Bridgit,” Vernon explains. “I saw students who normally did not participate in class and that had been struggling in the much larger regular education classrooms up working problems, asking questions, and genuinely enjoying math.” Vernon confirms that his EC-certified teacher agrees that the software benefits instruction. “My EC teacher absolutely loves the way the lessons are being delivered and sings the praises of what Bridgit has allowed us to do with our EC students in math.”

Future implementation ideas

Gray’s Creek High School continues to explore the potential of Bridgit software. Here are just some of the ways Vernon Aldridge and his teachers intend to use this software in the future.

  • Remediation. “If we have students who are struggling with a concept and we look at our test data, we can see that we have a particular teacher who teaches that objective better than others,” Vernon offers. “We can use Bridgit to bring that teacher into the other classrooms to teach that particular objective.”
  • Collaborative projects. “We are also looking at using Bridgit for teachers to teach across the curriculum. For example, if math and science teachers want their classes to collaborate on a project, they can utilize Bridgit to help with the communication piece of putting that project together.”
  • Homebound students. “Homebound students are too sick to attend school and are under a doctor’s care. We are looking at a way that we could connect that student’s teachers to their home computer, so the student is not simply just doing the work, but is receiving the instruction needed to complete the work.”
  • Teacher vacancies. The district is also looking at using Bridgit software to supplement learning in classes with longer-term teacher vacancies. “We could use Bridgit to bring in a certified teacher into these classrooms, while the substitute teacher is more responsible for maintaining the discipline but not the instruction.”

Have you used Bridgit conferencing software in an education setting? We’d love to hear more from you. Join the conversation.


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