Four Ways to Rescue a SMART Board from Whole-Class Instruction

This article originally appeared on the EDCompass Blog.  Click here for the original URL.

Many educators are making the move towards enabling more student-centered learning. For some, this change may mean turning off the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and firing up individual student devices. While it is true that SMART Boards are great for whole-class instruction, studies show you can maximize the full potential of this flexible learning tool when you use these large displays for student collaboration as well.

Group activities with shared displays promote greater communication and collaboration among learners as well as better performance on post-tests compared to student use of personal devices alone.

Here are four ideas to facilitate student collaboration on SMART Boards.

  1. Spontaneous student brainstorming. When students gather around the board and take turns writing down notes, they can sort and organize ideas instantly. Digital notes can be shared later for students to review on laptops and other devices.
  2. Try a flip. The software that comes with your SMART Board includes all the features you need to experiment with the flipped classroom model. Record your lesson with SMART Recorder (available for both Windows and Mac OS operating systems) to create an engaging instructional video for consumption on a laptop or tablet. During class, get keeners to use the board for hands-on SMART Notebook activity time.
  3. Set up an inquiry-based learning station. Attach USB devices like scientific probeware or a SMART Document Camera to the computer you are using with your SMART Board. Learners can easily screen capture data, make observations in digital ink and incorporate all of this information into individual reports.
  4. Share student e-portfolios. Encourage your students to make use of SMART Notebook software for their personal learning portfolios. When a student wants to display and discuss items from a portfolio during group activities, the content is ready to go.

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