6 Updates to the SMART Notebook for iPad App!

It’s been six months since we launched the SMART Notebook app for iPad (available on the iTunes App store). Over those months we’ve received a lot of feedback and several feature requests. And we’ve been listening with great interest!

Personalizing student learning

Sherry Kirkland from Goodwin Elementary School in Charleston County School District has found the app to be a great fit with her personalized learning model.

“At Goodwin Elementary School, students in the Personalized Learning classrooms are using the SMART Notebook app for iPad to create their own SMART projects.  Ease of use and the student’s familiarity with the SMART Board made the transition to students creating their own SMART Notebook files a quick learning process.  The students are so excited that they get to create and share their own SMART lessons.  Teachers also create Notebook files that are uploaded to their wiki so that the students can download them to their iPad — giving every student the opportunity to interact with the lesson.”

What’s new with the app?

SMART’s developers have been working hard to add features to our app based on your feature requests. Here is a summary of the app’s six major updates to date.

1. Just released! Integrated Assessment

You asked for better work flow between SMART Notebook app for iPad and SMART Response VE interactive response system (a cloud-based assessment application for Internet-enabled devices). Now you can easily complete assessments using SMART Response VE.

SMART Notebook app for iPad now integrates with SMART Response VE systems.

2. More SMART Notebook software features

  • Activity Builder support. Complete activities created with the activity builder and reset for the next class.
  • Text properties and improvements. Insert or edit typed text and change the font type, color, size and justification on the page using Text Properties.
  • Pen properties. Draw and write using colored digital pens and highlighters, and choose from multiple ink colors and pen thicknesses.
  • Shape and Line tool. Add shapes and lines to your file and choose the fill color, line color and thickness.
  • Undo and Redo. Quickly undo or redo your last change with one tap.
  • Sound. Enhance the auditory experience by adding sound recordings to objects. Double-tap or tap and hold an object to view the context menu and record a new sound.

3. Integration with Dropbox

Keep your SMART Notebook files up-to-date across multiple devices with Dropbox integration. One tap on the Dropbox icon in the SMART Notebook app for iPad file manager and you can quickly login to your Dropbox account to download or upload SMART Notebook files.

4. Save As

You can now save the file with a new name to create multiple copies with unique file names.

5. Revert to original

Reset your lesson within the app! With one tap, you can quickly reset a file to the original version for another group of students to complete.

6. Language support

The app is now available in the Russian language for our growing community of users in the region.

What about sharing?

We’ve heard your requests about being able to share and control your iPad using the SMART Notebook app for iPad and are currently pursuing how to best facilitate this with a SMART solution. Stay tuned for more from us on this over the next few months.

Future requests

In the meantime, keep sending feature ideas that you would like to see to featurerequest@smarttech.com! Your comments are always read and greatly appreciated.

This article originally appeared on the EDCompass Blog.  Click here for the original URL.


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