Top Five Things to Know About Education Software Installer 2013

The annual spring software update is here for SMART customers who use SMART Notebook softwareSMART Response interactive response system and SMART Ink!

This update will be distributed through the SMART Product Update in April, but for those of you who can’t wait, we welcome you to manually download it directly from the website (Windows and Mac versions) starting today.

Special thanks to all of you who participated in the tech trials and provided invaluable feedback to us!

The Education Software Installer for 2013 includes key updates for SMART Notebook 11 software, SMART Response interactive response system and SMART Ink. SMART has also changed its approach to activation keys – see below!

Top five things to know about ESI 2013

  1. SMART Notebook 11.1: The focus for 11.1 was to increase performance so you can load and create files faster. Other additions include an Add-on Manager (for widgets), simplified menus, an improved embedded web browser and preference options.
  2. SMART Response 2013: SMART Response VE system users with Internet-enabled mobile devices will be pleased with the additions of whole-class mode, simplified login and proxy server support. Software additions include recently-used question tags, reports with performance thresholds and Russian language support.
  3. SMART Ink 1.1 SP1: We’ve made improvements to make inking more intuitive. You can now select and flick ink notes across a page and we’ve improved integration with Microsoft Office for those of you who like to ink within those applications.
  4. Activation keys: Windows and Mac customers no longer require product activation keys to use SMART Notebook software on a SMART interactive device or if they purchased a personal license. New SMART interactive devices will also ship with pre-activated software. Note: an activation code is still required to use the SMART Notebook collaborative license (for use with non-SMART interactive devices) and for additional software like 3D Tools for SMART Notebook software.
  5. Windows 8 compatibility: The software now supports both Windows 8 and Windows 7 users. Those with Windows XP SP3 are also still supported. Mac 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 users continue to be supported.

Download ESI 2013 and help us spread the word that it’s available! Also remember that the SMART Notebook Web (Beta) and XC Add-on Beta for SMART Notebook are still in progress – we welcome you to download those betas, provide feedback and help shape future versions of those products. An exciting addition to the SMART Notebook Web (Beta) website is a community component where you can vote on your favorite feature ideas.

This article originally appeared on the EDCompass Blog.  Click here for the original URL.


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