BYOD vs. Banning Mobile Devices – Devices need “Glue” for Effective Learning #edchat #ncedchat #smarttech #edtech #ncedtech

This article originally appeared on the EDCompass Blog.  Click here for the original URL. Shared with permission.

Banning a smart phone or tablet from the classroom takes a tool that students love – and could learn with – away from them. The benefits outweigh the risks if educators can build a plan around them to avoid device anarchy. This anarchy may be amplified even further if there is a  lack of  curriculum-embedded training for educators on the device’s closed system and if your tech department fails to provide a long-term maintenance plan to realize the full benefits of that training.

Students DO learn on mobile devices. They just do other things on them as well. And that’s what has to be kept in check. Unify learning experiences and ensure students are staying on task – not on their social networks – to help you get measurable results.

Enable better BYOD

Students and teachers need learning applications that unify the learning experience across disparate mobile devices and offer the flexibility to quickly switch between individual learning, small-group collaboration and whole-class activities. A software platform used by both teachers and students will be adopted faster by the teacher and result in better learning outcomes by the learner.

What’s working in SMART classrooms today

Educators with SMART Board interactive whiteboards are successfully using mobile devices for learning by employing SMART Notebook software as device “glue.”

Get the mobile device glue you need for your BYOD program

SMART is also promoting beta programs with the goal of more holistic mobile device support in the future. The XC Add-on Beta for SMART Notebook and SMART Notebook Web Beta are examples of research and development already underway in this area.


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