Center-Based vs. 1:1 Learning – An Inclusive Model Sets up Success #edchat #ncedchat #smarttech #edtech #ncedtech

This article originally appeared on the EDCompass Blog.  Click here for the original URL. Shared with permission.

Bringing 1:1 learning out of the lab and into the classroom is an excellent development. It helps your students explore content on their own. But does it help students problem-solve together? Or address special needs? Can a student succeed in the absence of a teacher modeling digital activities first?

Learning centers create inclusive, effective learning

A large interactive display plus mobile devices on a unified software platform equals a better learning environment than is possible with devices alone. 1+1=3!

1:1 implementations need the grounding and support of digital, center-based technology to better enable student success. 1:1 devices are also not always appropriate to accommodate special needs in an inclusive classroom where a student is autistic or experiences fine motor challenges. These learners are often better accommodated with a large touch-enabled interactive display using the same software other students are equipped with on their 1:1 devices so all learners feel truly included.

Interactive center-based activities set up the mental model and foundational information students require for productive small group debates and enhance individualized learning on 1:1 devices during the rest of class time.

What’s working in SMART classrooms

  • Speech-language pathologist Alex Dunn validates how a SMART Board interactive whiteboard brings her students out of the corner and learning alongside their peers more inclusively
  • Ian Fogarty makes an eloquent case for why center-based student collaboration is better and how this model raises student test scores compared to a use of conventional 1:1 devices alone
  • Dr. Robert Goodman’s model of social constructivism includes center-based learning with use of SMART Board interactive whiteboards before and after small group debates. His PSI/PMI model has a proven record of student achievement.

Products you need for inclusive, center-based learning


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