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This article originally appeared on the EDCompass Blog.  Click here for the original URL. Shared with permission.

If you’ve ever checked out, you know the work of Amber Coggin – an elementary technology teacher and SMART Board Certified Trainer from Mobile, Alabama. Find out how Amber got started and hear her resource recommendations!

By Amber Coggin got its start in 2009 when I began scouring the Internet looking for games and other resources that work well on the SMART Board. I acquired so many wonderful resources that I decided to create a blog in order to share them with not only the educators in my school and district, but educators around the world! I began sharing all of my blog posts on Twitter, and from there, other educators starting sharing with their network of teachers. On my site, you will not only find web-based games and activities, but also SMART Notebook files that I have created. You will also find various links to different websites categorized by subject, links to other educational technology projects I’ve been involved in and more. I’ve highlighted a few of my most downloaded resources here.

SMART Notebook Facebook Template

I was inspired to create a Facebook page template for SMART Notebook after seeing various other templates in other popular file formats. This template can be used to create a “fake” Facebook page for any famous person your students may be studying. Students will enjoy creating a page for an artist, an inventor, a sports figure (see my Hank Aaron example), or a character from a book or movie. This activity can also be used for teaching students about social media and Internet safety. Many school districts block access to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but this template will make the students feel as though they are using the real thing! You’ll notice there are several versions of the template within the Notebook file. On one page, all the objects are locked, which means they can still be unlocked and be moved by students. Since I teach elementary students, I prefer not to give them access to unlock and delete/move objects; therefore, I used the “Format- Themes- Create Theme from Page” feature in order to convert the page into a theme that can’t be edited by the students. Using the theme template, students are then just expected to use the text tool and insert images. If you click on the Attachments Tab, you will find a worksheet that can be used in conjunction with this activity. I always have my students complete the worksheet first before I allow them to begin working in SMART Notebook software. You can download this file from mySMART Exchange page. You may also want to check out my SMART Notebook Template for Twitter.

Reading and Language Intervention SMART Notebook Files

Another popular resource that I’ve shared are my K-2 and 3-5 Reading and Language Intervention files. These files include web resource links for language and reading skills such as short vowels, CVC, blending, main idea, author’s purpose, and more. Linking is used a lot in this file. This allows younger to students to navigate through the pages without much assistance from the teacher, making it a perfect center activity. You can download both files from my  SMART Exchange page.

About Amber Coggin Amber Coggin is an elementary technology teacher and Certified SMART Board Trainer from Mobile, Alabama. She is also the author, a blog in which she shares Notebook files and other resources that work well on the SMART Board. You can follow her on Twitter at @ambercoggin or on Facebook.


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