Back to School – Must-Have Downloads from SMART Exchange (Part One) #edchat #ncedchat #smarttech #edtech #ncedtech

This article originally appeared on the EDCompass Blog.  Click here for the original URL. Shared with permission.

When I mention the SMART Exchange website to educators, they often remark, “Yes – the place to download Notebook files. Say no more.”

But there is more.

While it’s true that SMART Exchange is a repository of teacher-submitted lesson activities, you’re missing out if you just go there to download supplemental resources. The website also hosts applications, add-ons and widgets that will enhance collaboration and connect different technologies in the classroom.

I’m excited to draw your attention to some recently-added widgets posted to the website.

SMART Response Widgets

Widgets add additional features and functions to the SMART Response interactive response software you know and use already. Download them before school starts see how you can make student participation more visually engaging and compelling.

  • SMART Response Widget – Concept-mapping enables both student feedback with SMART Response and inked items on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard to instantly come together as a concept map on the SMART Notebook page

SMART Response Widgets in practice

Concept-mapping and word cloud activities are easily incorporated into any moment when formative feedback would be helpful to showcase the learner’s understanding of concept, explore relationships between ideas, ignite a debate or dig deeper into sub-categories. And because these widgets are easily added into your SMART Notebook file, you can do so very spontaneously.

How to get started

  1. Update to the latest Windows or Mac version of SMART Notebook software. Make sure you have version 11.2 installed prior to downloading these two widgets.
  2. Watch our YouTube videos to see the SMART Response Widgets in action.

Concept-mapping tutorial

Word cloud tutorial

  1. Install each widget by dragging it onto an open Notebook page or saving in the My Content gallery folder to make it more accessible when you pull up your existing SMART Notebook lessons.
  2. Discuss the widgets with the training community on SMART Exchange (click on the training tab, registration is required).



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