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This article originally appeared on the EDCompass Blog.  Click here for the original URL. Shared with permission.

Cherie Herring is a SMART Exemplary Educator who teaches at Hammond School in Columbia, South Carolina. Cherie writes and manages a really exceptional blog called Just a Little More, where she shares her ideas and resources — connecting with other educators about her experiences in an elementary music classroom. She kindly agreed to share her post about the workflow she created for using iPads and her SMART Board interactive whiteboard. We know this is a popular question, so here is how Cherie currently does it. Used with permission.

By Cherie Herring

In preparation for year two with 1:1 iPads and a SMART Board, improving the workflow is uppermost in my mind. Integrating technology seamlessly is my goal.

Today, I had an ah-ha moment and discovered a way to save about 7-8 minutes delivering content to my students for this listening activity using SMART Boards + iPads. It makes perfect sense. I should have known it already. But when the light bulb comes on in my little, lonely island office, it’s worth celebrating. See what you think about this workflow.

Improving the high/low workflow

I created a very simple high/ low interactive activity for the SMART Board. I wanted students to touch a button, listen to the sounds, and notate the correct pattern on the SMART Board. I also wanted students in my 1:1 iPad class to have the same image on their iPads so they could individually respond during this activity. The only way I knew to do that last year was to create a QR code linked to the image. Plus, I  wanted the students to have multiple pages of the image for the activity and extension assignment. AND, I wanted this experience to be the supporting activity, taking only half of the lesson time. Sounds simple, but delivering the content ended up taking way too long…. turning the 15 minute assessment into a 30 minute mess adventure. I mean, it was okay for the first year, but there had to be a better way! Since we don’t yet have the SMART Notebook app for iPad*, I needed another SMART Board + iPad workflow solution.

Here is what the first year 1:1 iPad workflow looked like for this activity:

Here is my new and improved workflow plan for year 2:

“Explain Everything” is such an incredible app for my students to use to demonstrate understanding. If, in my 30 minute class time, I can pull off seamlessly integrating technology into this activity, it’s definitely a win-win for all.

Workflow steps

First, I created the image in SMART Notebook and exported the images [File>Export>image files]. There are many ways to create cool images in Notebook… but that’s another post! In “Explain Everything,” I imported the image, made it the background for the page, and duplicated the pages. Once I finished creating all the pages, I saved and exported the project, saving it as .xpl.  – an “Explain Everything” file. Here is what the exporting screen looks like in” Explain Everything.”

Slingshot Listening Activity: SMART Board + iPad

If you’ve been so kind to read through the above explanation, and you would like to use this high/low listening activity, you may download it here. The QR code with the link to the “Explain Everything” file for the children is included as one of the pages.

Do you want to see it in the classroom?

I think this solution will allow my classes to experience the best of both the SMART Board and the iPads. I LOVE being able to use both seamlessly!

What new workflow ideas have you discovered recently?

As James Hollis says, “Sharing is caring!!”

* Editor’s note: Cherie, let’s talk soon about SMART Notebook app for iPad. :)

About Cherie Herring

Hi there! I share creative ideas for teaching music with technology. I am a SMART Exemplary Educator teaching with 1:1 iPads and a SMART Board, I create interactive SMART Notebook lessons and blog about technology integration in the music classroom.

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