SeedPD Blog Feature: SMART Exchange File of the Week! #edchat #ncedchat #smarttech #edtech #ncedtech

To add more teacher content to our site, the SeedPD Blog is sharing one teacher-created SMART Exchange file every Friday. All files shared will be Common Core relevant, and we’ll be sure to share with you the standard(s) being addressed.

This entry is a file entitled “Slope, Parallel, and Perpendicular”. In this file, students will use an interactive kooshball game to practice identifying lines as parallel, perpendicular, or neither based on their slope and y-intercepts! To play, a student will throw a kooshball at the game page displayed on the SMART Board. When the ball hits one of the colored circles on the board, a linked question will appear for the student to answer. After writing his/her work and answer on the page, the student will then be able to drag a tab onto the page to see the correct answer! This file is easily customize-able for practicing new questions at a later date. Enjoy!

7-12-13 File of the Week Screenshot 1 7-12-13 File of the Week Screenshot 2 7-12-13 File of the Week Screenshot 3 7-12-13 File of the Week Screenshot 4

Common Core Standards Addressed:  MA.9-12.G-GPE, MA.9-12., MA.9-12.G-GPE.5,
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Check back in with us next Friday to learn about another great Common Core file!